How do you work? What’s the process?

We have a simple 4-step process that works really well for projects of all sizes. Over the years, we’ve distilled it down to the essentials:

Step One: We meet, we ask, we listen and we answer your questions. We want to know everything about your style and how you use the space.

Step Two: We share our vision and concept with you. This will set the tone for the entire project and ensure a cohesive look.

Step Three: We define the hardscape—finishes, flooring,  millwork, etc.—for the foundational elements.

Step Four: We create the softscape—furnishings, window treatments, accessories—and curate those pieces to make the space uniquely yours.

The first step? Get in touch.

How will you communicate with me throughout the project?

You’ll be able to rely on our responsive communication and updates from day one to done. Throughout each phase of the project, we’ll be planning a few steps ahead, removing impediments and minimizing complications before they happen.

Does Katharine Jessica Interior Design have a minimum project size?

We do. We specialize in projects with a home value of $1M and up, with a design and furnishings budget in the range of six figures and above.

At what point in my build or renovation process, should I begin working with you?

As soon as possible, really!   The earlier you engage us, the better the outcome.  We have a hands-on approach to design with  just the right amount of creative collaboration so we can really help with taking some of the overwhelm off your plate.

What kind of drawings are provided?

Our in-house designers can provide you with floor plans, reflective ceiling plans, elevations and more. Our team works on AutoCad to create our technical drawings.

Who communicates the details of the design to the contractors, tradespeople, etc.?

We do! We keep the project moving by clearly communicating all of the important details throughout the project. And when a question or problem arises…we handle it.

What is the difference between the Interior Designer and the Architect? 

Everyone—from the contractor to the architect to the designer—has a key role to play in a well-run project. You want a team that works well together, with each team member doing what they do best:

Interior Designers:

  • Space solution planning
  • Furniture selections
  • Custom feature design
  • Wall & window coverings
  • Lighting selections
  • Art procurement
  • Accessorizing
  • Installations & styling


  • Site plans & drawings
  • Exterior elevations
  • Building sections
  • Window & door
  • Schedule
  • Code safety
  • Energy calculations
  • Approvals & permits


  • Floor plans
  • Interiors elevations
  • Architectural
  • Finishes
  • Tile, stone, wood, & paint selections
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Door hardware
  • Lighting plans

We have kids and a growing family.  How will that impact the design? 

We understand that family revolves around the home—a place where you and your little ones can find safety, comfort, and calm. We’ll incorporate your style and create kid-friendly, pet-friendly spaces with carefully selected fabrics and finishes. We’ll bring functionality and sustainability to the table to cultivate togetherness, social responsibility and happy times—ideal for the family-focused abode.

How do we know who is the “right” interior designer for us?

Where you reside is a big deal! Whether you’re remodeling your existing home or building your dream home, projects can quickly become too large to manage alone. When you have someone who really understands your vision, provides experienced design guidance, and tackles the process in a systematic and organized way…that’s the person you want to work with.

We’re moving from the city into the area and have no idea about contractors, architects and trades.  Can you help us?

Absolutely. We have long-standing relationships with our industry partners and they bring unparalleled professionalism. We’ve got high standards when it comes to keeping our clients happy, so we’ll introduce them to you with confidence.

More questions? Click below to reach out. We'd love to talk about your project.

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