Hardscape + Construct: Finish Selection

Hardscape + Construct: Finish Selection

Planning to renovate your home or change the look, layout, flow, or size of your space?

Perhaps you are building a new home. At some point you’ll need to make decisions on hardscapes.

What is hardscape?

The interior millwork, built-in cabinetry, walls, flooring, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are considered the hardscape of your home’s interior.

These are items that are “fixed” and provide the backdrop and setting you desire. These hardscape decisions require thoughtful design and finely crafted features created by close collaboration between the homeowner, contractor, and designer. The goal: beauty where form meets function.

The softscape includes the furniture, wall art, accessories, ornaments, rugs, and window treatments that you can easily transition to a new space or remove to create a new look.

Think about the hardscape surfaces in your dream home…

From the smooth marble tile in the bathroom, the arched doorways in your entrance foyer, the long quartzite countertops and breakfast nook in your kitchen, oh and not forgetting the sweeping staircase.

Unlike with softscape, these are design decisions that are made for the long term—they are investment choices and they should be difficult to put a time stamp on. We’re seeing more adventurous designs of windows and interesting applications of stonework in the home and these too are considered hardscape designs.

Additionally, trim work such as crown, base, chair rail, and picture frame moldings are by nature, hardscapes, and should be designed and installed to outlast any idée fixe.

By carefully selecting high-quality and timeless materials and finishes for each space, you are creating a powerful, memorable visual foundation and lasting aura in your sanctuary/home.

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    | 2 June 2021

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