Five Elements That Make A Happy Home (2)

Five Elements That Make A Happy Home (2)

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and it instantly felt like “home”? It’s an enchanting and satisfying feeling but how does this happen? Is it the fusion of the design elements? Whatever it is, it’s magic. Or is it? We came up with Five Elements That Make A Happy Home and next up we describe how to create Comfort in the Feeling.

#2 Comfort In The Feeling

To feel comfortable is a universal living experience.

Lighting is linked to our frame of mind and comfort.

Light has a huge effect on our physical and mental well-being and as such, mood lighting is essential to your lighting design plan. The goal is to gently create a comfortable atmosphere or feeling in your environment. Just don’t let decisions slow you down as you can have three, four, or more lighting modes. For example, subdued lighting for relaxing, bright lights for activities, and task lighting for areas of focus. Try installations like countertop lighting and kitchen toe-kick lighting to ignite the space, and cove lighting will up the elegance.

The modern kitchen has transformed into the hub of every household.

The kitchen may forever be the heart of the home, but a new study reveals that the space is evolving rapidly as an impactful, multi-functional hub, with advancements in technology, design and materials fostering wellness and live-ability. Whether you opt for a large farmhouse table, a kitchen island, or peninsula, people gravitate to the kitchen where open, uninhibited conversations take place. The multi-functional island is the champion of the modern, comfortable kitchen, extending counter space and seating. Whether your space can seat 2 or 6, it’s always a plus. And for families with kids, if its homework time or they pitch in to help make dinner, a kitchen island is a great place for kids to feel part of the action and be in close eye view. 

When you bring items to your room that are particularly special to you, good energy and comfort flows from them.

I make sure to talk with my clients about their beloved artifacts, heirloom pieces, sentimental photos, memories from a trip or a time in their lives because these items are timeless treasures that can turn a decorated room into an inspiring, mindful and pleasing place of comfort.

“No room is comfortable until there are special things to sit upon, put upon, and gaze upon“.


Remember to include Comfort in the Feeling in your home. Click here for the next insight into a well-designed, happy home, Five Elements That Make A Happy Home!

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